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Here at Accurate Dentistry, you can rely on all of our hygienists and dentists to provide you with the restorative dental care you are looking for. Feel your best knowing that some of the most knowledgeable and highly trained staff is taking care of you.

Get the care you need from us today.


• Gum treatment

• Dentures and partial dentures

• Denture repairs

• Tooth extractions

• Bone Grafting

• Oral surgery

• Fillings

Get your smile looking and feeling great again:

Our staff members will treat you with the utmost care and attention to detail during all procedures, so that you will feel relaxed throughout the entire process.


Let us educate you about what your surgery will be like and leave your appointment feeling relieved.

Feel relaxed and comfortable in our care.

If you have been stressing over your dentures not functioning properly or a tooth that has been in pain, visit us for the dental appointment you need. Leave feeling completely confident about your teeth!

Feel better about your teeth.

Let our dentists get your teeth back in shape.

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